Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Convert Warrant to Mother ?

Someone ask me why this company keep converting the warrant into mother shares without any obvious financial benefit ?

I asked back - what do you think ?
He asked - could it be because the warrant no good ?
I said - if not good, why not sell instead of converting ?
He said - maybe the mother is better ?
I ask - in what way ? A 15 sen warrant with converting price of 12 sen and the mother is selling at 27 sen ?
He said - or maybe the mother share is not good ?
I said - then why convert ? Just sell the warrant lar.
He replied - I give up.

I said - what mother share have but warrant don't have.
He keep thinking ...
I answered - mother share got dividend and voting rights.

He then asked - so, he want the dividend and / or voting rights ... right ? But ... why ?
I said - Why ... why ? U don't want dividend meh ?
He said - if the company declare big dividend ... the warrant will go up too. And can earn much more.
I said - if the mother share go up then the warrant may follow. The reason may not be one of the 2 reason ... but actually because of the company want both ... dividend and voting rights.
He said - but WHY ?
I said - beat me. How do i know. I am not the company director mar. U go call up and ask him directly lor.

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